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Covid19 related note: Our wine are normally easier to find in restaurant than in bottle shops. They get there through a number of distributors in a few states and a few importers in other countries. As I’m sure you know, the pandemic has decimated the food & wine industry, with all restaurants being shut down and distributors losing significant percent of their markets. Which means that our market is basically paralyzed, except for web orders from people like you…

For the duration of the lockdown, we offer free shipping anywhere in mainland USA (full case orders of regularly-priced wines).  We are grateful for your business!

Wine purchase is not fully automated in this website. Please use this page to request an allocation of our wines.

Once you have submitted your request via the Shopping Cart, we will contact you with a full quote, including shipping and tax where applicable.  If you live in a state we do not ship to, we will contact you with information about local retail purchase locations and discuss alternative options.  You may also contact us directly (see ‘contact the winery’ page).

Please click on any wine’s name for more more specific product information.