Where to find?

Where can I find Clos Saron wines?

IMGP5101    A winemaker friend of ours once said that one way to think about it, is that you – the customer – have some of our money and we, the vintners, have some of your wine… If this is the way you feel about it, this page may help facilitate that exchange. Proceed with caution. 

If you’d like to order directly from us, please use the following link. To request a periodic allocation of our rarest, most sought-after, and non-commercial wines, please click on Clos Saron’s Wine Clubs to check the options available.

Following is a list of distributors and importers we work with in different markets. Please contact them for up to date information about where you can find our wines in your area.


California: Sacred Thirst

Florida: Cerda, Llanos y Cia., Inc

Massachussetts: Olmstead Wines 

Maryland, Virginia, D.C.: Free Run

Minnesota: Tradition Wines

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania: Bowler Wines

Wisconsin: Left Bank



Canada:   Montreal/Quebec: Glou

France: Le Garde Vins, Paris

Greece: Pure Spirit, Athens

Guatemala: Minerva, Guatemala City

U.K.: Ally Wines