Wine Club Options

We offer three wine clubs for you to choose from, tailored to a wide range of interests and budgets: The Short List, the Library List, and the Classic List. Each has a few options of bottle formats and quantities, and are shipped twice a year. 


The Short List is our pocket-size version of a conventional “wine-club” – with a twist: rather than being an outlet for miscellaneous “unsold inventory”, it actually offers you the cream of our crop: In addition to new and current releases, it also gives you access to low-production and experimental lots, most of which are never released to the open market, as well as an occasional selection from our library (sometimes in half-bottle format). The Short List is limited to 35 subscribers only!

The Short List come in two flavors: either a 6-pack, or a 12-pack option, shipped twice a year. Occasionally, 375ml half-bottles are included. 

Current pricing:

Six-pack ($350-500 plus applicable shipping/tax)

Twelve-pack ($700-900 plus applicable shipping/tax)

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The Library List We are proud of our wines’ aging ability and believe that, most of them, only truly ‘come to their own’ at about 10-15 years of age. When a current release is “sold out”, we keep the last few cases for further aging, ranging from 5 to 25+ years. This wine club is exclusively focused on such wines, going back to the early 90s. These wines are in very short supply, and they represent the best we have to offer.  This club is limited to 25 subscribers.

There are a number of Library List options to choose from, by default shipped twice a year; three are in bottle format (and occasionally include half-bottle size), and two in magnum format. Current pricing:

Bottles Three-pack ($350-500/shipment)

Bottles Six-pack ($650-800/shipment)

Bottles Twelve-pack ($1250-1600/shipment)

Magnums Two-pack ($400-500/shipment)

Magnums Three-pack ($600-750/shipment)

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The Classic List is a well balanced assortment of the best of both worlds – an even mix of current releases, older vintages, and rarities of all types and kinds.  This club is limited to 25 subscribers.

The Classic List offers a choice between a 6-pack and a 12-pack selection (currently $500-650 and $900-1200, respectively, plus applicable shipping/tax), shipped twice a year. 

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How they all work:

  • The price ranges specified above for each club/option are indicative only and vary with each shipment’s specific selection. The prices quoted are for the wine only; shipping/delivery and/or sales tax will be added as applicable. While we strive to keep our prices stable, they may change at any point.
  • Shipments go out in March-April and September-October. Prior to your shipment being processed, you will receive an email detailing the contents of each shipment, wine information, and pricing. You will have a chance to request additions, modifications, and substitutions, all of which will be accommodated to the extent we can.
  • Please inquire if you need any further information: info at clossaron dot com