1999 Taken From Granite “Village”, Cabernet Sauvignon


Minimum order required: 6 bottles, mix and match. 



At 24 years of age, this 1999 Cabernet Sauvignon is now at its “full maturity”. Once opened, it tastes better on day II than on day I (please do try it!). At this stage, it fully displays its nuanced character and inner qualities. It is medium bodied, with good concentration, fine grain, and real elegance and length. 

This is an a-typical Cabernet for California, being 100% terroir-driven, with no “makeup” or embellishments.    12.5% Alcohol.

Note: This wine has been stored in the winery cellar since its inception. That is a dry cellar, and the corks have become brittle and crumbly in time. Use caution when uncorking, preferably using an ah-so type opener or, even better, a “Durant”  .