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Our wines tend to age well. In fact, they age extremely well, especially by California standards. Over time in the bottle, their somewhat tough, edgy youthful character is dramatically transformed, softening, smoothing out, becoming increasingly harmonious, layered, and complex aromatically. Many of them take about 8-15 years or more to truly start coming into focus. At that point, most of them still have the potential to keep on going for decades. Some of them may take even longer to reach their “peak” (the definition of which obviously depends on your own preferences, habits, experience, and taste). This is the reason for creating this Vintage Library, so that those of you with the interest, may have access to such wines closer to their full maturity.

When a current release is nearly depleted from our inventory, we put aside the last few bottles or cases in our library. Five or more years later, we make these available again to our Library List customers. The Library List is a wine club, offering two shipments per year of such wines, in either bottles or magnums (in which the wines age even better). For more information please click on the ‘Purchase Wine/Wine Club Options’ drop down menu link at the top of the page.

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