The Library List

The Library List is Clos Saron’s “mini-wine-club”, focused exclusively on mature wines. It is limited to 25 subscribers.

It features two shipments of wines each year. In addition to highly sought after wines, the allocation guarantees access to wines that were made in non-commercial quantities, were nearly entirely sold out, or may have never been released.  The allocation consists of a minimum allocation with the freedom to add to any shipment, allowing you to customize your experience. It also secures priority access to any remaining stock of such limited lots, following your initial shipment.

The wines are shipped out in March-April and September-October, depending on weather conditions. Prior to your shipment you will receive an email detailing the contents of each shipment, tasting notes, exact pricing, and any other relevant information.

There are three Ancient Ones options: Bottles Six-pack (about $600/shipment), Bottles Twelve-pack (about $1200/shipment), and Magnums Three-pack (about $650/shipment). These prices are indicative as they depend on the exact selection, and do not include shipping, delivery, or sales tax if/when applicable. 

The Library List Request Form

Please inquire if you need any further information: info at clossaron dot com