2013 Kind of Blue


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A first release of a new wine, which kind of follows in the footsteps of our Deeper Shade of Blue. Similar idea and character, but different grape composition: our 2013 was an experimental co-fermentation of an unusually high percent (27%) of a white grape (the Portuguese Verdelho) and Syrah (73%). The grapes came from a high altitude vineyard in the Sierra Foothills, near Auburn.

The result is a medium bodied, fragrant wine, rich in fruit, texture, and bright flavors. The attack is mild and gentle, with juicy, spicy/flowery notes, leading to more grip and assertive, earthy tones as it travels on to the back of the palate . We suspect this does have a good aging potential, although, similarly to the case of the other members of our “blue” family of wines, we are not sure why bother, beyond perhaps an extra year or two to let it fully spread its wings…

708 bottles produced.                    13% Alc.                   Syrah (73%), Verdelho (27%)