2003 Black Pearl, Magnum


Bottled January 24, 2006 13.5% Alc. 7 cases produced.


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Between 2000-2010 we farmed a few acres of vines, which were leased to us by Renaissance Vineyards, a local winery where I made wine for over 15 years.  These vineyards originally covered 365 acres of steeply sloping contoured terraces, creating a breath-taking panorama, and offering an incredible range of soil and microclimate combinations, plus 700 ft. of elevation drop from the top to the bottom of the vineyard and all possible exposures… It was possible to successfully farm there, nearly side by side, an astonishing spectrum of grape varieties, traditionally associated with entirely different growing regions. This was the origin of a number of our wines: Carte Blanche, Tickled Pink, Heart of Stone, Cuveé Mysterieuse, and Black Pearl.

2003 was possibly the most elegant vintage of our Black Pearl. Perhaps the high percentage of Merlot in the blend is to blame for that… But elegant it is, and smooth, and silky, and completely effortless and casual, in a medium-full kind of a way. Caressing may be a good descriptive. And then it has that astonishing heady bouquet, intense and complex and long. Blend: Merlot 51%, Cabernet Sauvignon 30%, Syrah 19%.

Limit per order: 2 magnum.