"Once Upon a Time" Special Library Release

As suggested by the name, these are rare relics from a long time ago… and now, they are near or at their full maturity, ready to give all they have…

By an unexpected sequence of events, the entire remaining stock of these older vintages – all of which were made by Gideon while working at Renaissance Winery – became available to us and is now released under the Clos Saron label. They never left the winery since the day they were produced and are in as good condition as is possible.

The ‘Once Upon a Time’ series is exclusively available to our Library List members. The Library List is a wine club, offering two shipments per year of such wines, in either bottles or magnums (in which the wines age even better). For more information please click on the ‘Purchase Wine/Wine Club Options’ drop down menu link at the top of the page.

You may also contact us directly via email to place an order.

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