Clos Saron’s Art Gallery

Both Saron and I have had some artistic aspirations and experience buried in our distant past. In recent years, I have been playing around with digital photography in my (non existent) spare time. It is my view that, to be fully appreciated, photography needs to be viewed in a printed form, rather than on a screen. But overcoming my mental block that prevented me from daring the printing devil was another matter. Finally, in order to compel myself to get my work printed, I have scheduled a show at the BriarPatch Coop in Grass Valley (December 6, 2019 – January 2nd, 2020).

The photographs displayed here have been shot between 2012 and 2019, mostly on my mushroom hunting walks through the Sierra Foothills woods around the Yuba River watershed.

Prints are available for purchase (prices indicate framed or unframed option). They are gallery-grade prints on fine art quality, archival, acid free paper. In order to fully highlight the astonishing Giclée print and paper quality, we use Float Frames, which display the print floating in its frame without any glass/acrylic cover.

Note: Until we get the process automated, should you want to order any of the prints, please email me: Gideon at clossaron dot com.

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