2019 Tickled Noir, Rosé


Bottled February 3. 2020.

Production: 25 cases. 11.5% Alc.




Our fourth release of this rosé of Pinot Noir, the 2019 originates in our very own South and Lower Blocks (1/2 acre sections of the Home Vineyard). Rosés are normally produced from high-yielding vines, since weight, concentration, and longevity are not typically the main goals with such wines. This wine was produced from about 0.75 ton/acre in 2019, making it a rare phenomenon and giving it the concentration and ability to age for decades just like a top-class red Pinot Noir.  

2019 Tickled Noir: Purity, focus, balance, length. Extra-ordinary aging ability.

Pinot Noir 100%.

Production: 25 cases. 11.5% Alc.