2017 Pinot Noir “Suzy’s Block”


9 cases produced.

Order limit: 1 bottle (sadly!)





A brief break from the extended drought in California, 2017 generously dumped over 80″ of rain on us, here in North Yuba. 

The resulting wine, is a yet again a testament to the quality of our terroir, which keeps producing delicious, well-balanced wines year after year, equally so in favorable or challenging vintage conditions.

At long last, we are happy to release the first vintage of our “other” Pinot Noir vineyard, Suzy’s Block. Located immediately to the south of our Home Vineyard, this tiny 0.6 acre vineyard was planted about 15 years ago, but until 2017, never produced enough fruit to be fermented and bottled on its own.

Despite their proximity to each other, these two sites’ terroir specifics significantly differ from each other and – unsurprisingly – the two wines are distinctively different from each other in their terroir expression. 

While both share an east-facing exposure on the same hillside, Suzy’s Block is about 100 ft higher up, on a much steeper section of the slope. Its soil is also different – a thinner topsoil layer of red clay (“decomposed Granite”), rather than volcanic ash, and significantly more rocky. These factors combine to produce a distinctly different terroir expression in the wine.

What they have in common is their overall balance, strong acidity, and solid structure. The Suzy’s Block Pinot will age for just as long as the Home Vineyard, and at a similarly slow pace. We gave it one more year of bottle age prior to release, but it’s still in its infancy.  We highly recommend allowing to age further for as long as your patience and conditions would allow!

100% Pinot Noir

Production: 8 cases

Order limit: 1 bottle