2017 NY in NYC

On January 22-28, a small band of North Yuba vigneron-pioneers will be visiting NYC and Philly together: Yours truly, along with a group of young wine producers who have sprung into being in part thanks to their connection to Clos Saron: Frenchtown Farms’ Aaron and Cara Mockrish, who were our apprentices in 2015, La Onda’s Dani Rozman, who was our intern in 2013 and stayed connected ever since, and Thee & Thou’s John Donaghue, who was our first ever intern in 2010 and 2011. The common thread linking us all together, is everyone’s commitment to farming and/or sourcing chemical-free fruit grown in the North Yuba section of the Sierra Foothills, and shared dedication to minimalistic wine making practices. While La Onda and Thee & Thou have a few vintages under their belts, for Frenchtown Farms this occasion will mark the release of their first wine: 2015 “Cotillon”, which was made here, at Clos Saron.

Our plan is to offer at least one dinner and one consumer tasting in NYC, and one dinner in Philly. Locations are still being determined and details will be posted here as they come into focus.

The following week, Frenchtown Farms and Clos Saron will visit the Washington D.C. area on Monday and Tuesday, 1/30-31. On Tuesday, a dinner will be cooked by chef Rick Cook of Blacksalt fame at his home (4 seats available, first come first served, $125 all included). Other events and details to follow.

Please email us for any additional information.