2016 Growing Season Update

We did get a bit more rain this year than in the past four, but not quite enough to take us out of the drought. Nature did seem to heave a sigh of relief in early spring, but by now – mid July – this is too little water under an oversize bridge..

Version! This is French for ‘Grapes Changing Color’. It has already started in our vineyards, especially in hot spots such as our Stone Soup vineyard, tying 2015 for the ‘Earliest Verasion Ever’ infamous record. That means we get to brace ourselves for another super-early harvest, which is no great fun. Harvesting in August compromise both fruit quality and harvesting & crush conditions. Hot days and warm-isa nights are neither comfortable for the harvesters, nor do they contribute to healthy fermentations. Well, we can fortunately complain about it (Farmers Bill of Rights 1837), since there is not much else we can do…

And this harvest, too, shall come and go as did all previous years. They all look terrifying as they come near, just like a Tsunami wave gathering on the horizon. The difference is that once the fruit is harvested and brought into the winery, the first morning you go in there and get greeted by the smell of fresh fermentation, your spirit soars and all is well!